How Aftermarket Parts Affect Your Safety

How Aftermarket Parts Affect Your Safety

Getting into a car accident is a stressful experience and often followed by a pile of difficult decision-making. One decision, however, should be a simple one: always go for original parts that perfectly suit your make and model for the repair.

It’s not just an assumption – it’s been tested

Some body shops might still insist on the safety of the aftermarket parts they choose. However, the use of such parts in post-accident repairs has been tested. The results? Not too promising. The safety features of your vehicle might be compromised, which means that using aftermarket parts can increase the risk of severe injury in case of another accident.

For example, the time it takes for your airbag to deploy might be affected if aftermarket parts are used when repairing bumper bars. All parts are designed to work as part of an entire system, designed to protect you in case of an accident – changing one of those parts with a subpar item is a risk you shouldn’t take.

Much more than aesthetics

Choosing original parts over aftermarket parts is a matter of safety and performance, not a matter of aesthetics. Aftermarket parts sometimes even seem like a good fit from a visual standpoint. That look and feel, however, has no bearing on the performance of your vehicle.

If aftermarket parts aren’t made with your manufacturer’s specifications, chances are that they won’t perform as well under the same circumstances. Crash-testing vehicles means that you can rely on certain safety guarantees, but only when original parts are used.

The actual price of aftermarket

The bottom line is often the reason so many insurers and body shops steer customers in the aftermarket direction. While the cost of the repair might be lower initially, the price you risk paying down the road in case of another accident could be much higher.

To ensure your car will be roadworthy, you need to make sure that your insurer doesn’t require you to use aftermarket parts during collision repair. Check your policy and always double-check with your chosen repair team to see to it that your rights are protected.

Talk to your insurer and your chosen repairer

Finally, we understand that the stress and trauma of collision is your primary concern. However, preventing future accidents and minimizing the damage in case one occurs depends on the use of original parts for your car.

That’s why it’s essential for you to speak with your insurer to make sure the use of aftermarket parts is out of the question. Moreover, speak with your repairer to learn about the source and manufacturing of the parts they plan to use for your vehicle. And, once the repair is complete, you are eligible for a visual inspection by an unbiased third-party, licensed expert to give you the all-clear for your peace of mind.

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